Friday, September 9, 2011

Tips on How to Write Funny Birthday Poems

You know how everyone brings a present to their friend's birthday.

As much as birthday presents are a great part of a birthday, you can still use something else to make your gift more special and memorable: funny birthday poems. Write Funny Birthday Poems For everybody.

1 - Choose a theme. Write down a list of other possible themes that you might want to write about.

2 - Direct your theme to a specific word or phrase.

3 - Write a one paragraph summary of your idea.

4 - In your summary, this may or may not make the final cut, but the process will help express your idea.

5 - Repackage the ideas of your paragraph in rhymes.

6 - Repeat step #2.

7 - Repeat step #3.

8 - Repeat step #4.

9 - Repeat step #5. Go back to rhymes. Add as many lines that come out. You can write more than necessary and erase later

10 - Edit

Happy Birthday To You - by Funny Happy birthday poems by Chrissie

*I'm thinking about giving this poem to my mate for his b'day, so any feed back would be appreciated.*

Today is your birthday, so happy birthday to you.
I hope you have fun, and that your wishes come true.
Because you really do deserve it and that is not a lie.
To all the people who love you, youre an awesome guy.

I cant write anything 'mushy' so this is the end.
All I wanna tell you is your such a great friend.
I hope youre filled with happiness, the whole year through.
Have an awesome day, happy birthday to you.

funny birthday poems 1

***funny birthday poem2***

I Love You on your Birthday

funny birthday poems 2

I Want To Say I Love You On Your Birthday!
I want to say I love you on your birthday,
Though love is something you don’t want from me.
Things didn’t go so well when I last said it,
And so I’ll keep it silent in my heart.
But how the words reverberate within me!
A song that I must struggle not to sing,
A music I must dance to without motion,
A poem that I must never read aloud.
Your wishes are a wall I would not scale,
Yet won’t abandon, loathe to leave behind.
I cannot have, and cannot bear to lose you,
And so I send you this in my despair.

***funny birthday poem3***

Its Your Birthday - by Jill Ridener

funny birthday poems 3

Today is happy
It most certainly is
Shake a pop
And make it fizz

Fly a kite
Or take a nap
Slap a knee
And pat a back

Run or skip
Without a care
Or fly a plane
If you dare

Swim or skate
Take your pick
Hit a mailbox
With a stick

Fall or trip
Laugh or play
Do whatever
Its your Birthday

***funny birthday poem4***

Happy Birthday To My Love!

funny birthday poems 4

Happy birthday to my love!
A sea around my heart:
Part shelter, part enduring word,
Part mirror of my art.
You are the calm that drains my rage,
Bliss upon my shores,
Immensity immutable,
Rush that life restores.
To you I wish to be a welcome
Harbor for your ocean,
Destiny and origin,
Aim of your affection,
Yearning of your motion.


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