Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funny Love, Birthday Poems

The day we were born is the rememberable day whichhad most important means our life.It is not justthe day we stepped into the life but also the first day we met our loved ones and started to experience the life which our soul chose before we were born

So that instead of giving the same old greeting you says in your loved’s birthday every yearsuch as “happy birthday” or something else…,why don’t you use funny birthday poems to cultivate the boredom of birthday party like it was?it’s has many advantages that you have notdiscovered

The first advantage of funny birthday poems is that itsefl is the combination of words which makes up great melodies. It’s a good way to convey your thinking, your love to some one you care about. Therefore, it’s may touch to your recipient’s soul that they will never forgot, especially on older people.

Secondly,funny rhythms is a less-expensive and simply present but it has extremely great meaning to recipient than an expensive gift. It is shown all the respect and the love that will bring comfort or smiles to your loved. Thus it will be a meaningful, memorable and funny birthday party that they ever had in their life.

You need to know that: “gift is not precious that the truely esteemed is your caring”. Let make use of the advantages of funny birthday poems to express your emotional and give the best present to your loved ones. Here are some funny birthday poems for you:

Poems#1:”Half Baked
On your birthday, it's time to reflect,
For the passing of time leads to change.
What once was important we leave;
Our priorities and goals rearrange.
It's official; you've lived one more year.
You're birthday gifted and caked,
But don't think you're fully mature,
'Cause you're really only half-baked!”

By Joanna Fuchs

Poems#2: “Getting Older Birthday
It’s birthday time again I see;
Another year's gone by.
We’re older than we used to be;
The thought could make me cry.
For getting older is not such fun,
When there’s hurting in your back,
And it’s agony if you have to run,
And a pleasure to lie in the sack.
Yes getting older is quite a bore,
But to not get old is worse.
So "Happy Birthday!" let’s shout once more,
And to heck with our ride in the hearse!
Hooray for getting older! Happy Birthday and many more.”

By Karl Fuchs

Poems#3: “But Why?
On this day you blow the candles out;
On this day the gifts pile high;
For one day a year you’re the special kid;
"This is really great," you sigh.
"One birthday a year is really fun;
I want two! I can’t? But why?"

By Karl Fuchs


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